Good Morning My King

Good Morning My King Poems & Quotes for Him

Good Morning Poems for My King

Do you call or see him as your king? Then these Good morning my king poems might just be the best you can send to him right away.

Ready? Enjoy.

1. Endless Willingness
I just can’t hide the way I am feeling
I never thought I’ll find love this thrilling
This is so amazing, your love is killing
To love you all my life, baby I am willing.
Good Morning my love.

2. Anyhow, With You
You lighted up the love in me that once smoulder,
In times of pain, you’ve given me more than a shoulder.
In times of need, you’ve closer than my brother.
Living my life anyhow with you, my love I don’t bother.
Good Morning my heart.

3. Unmetered Speechlessness
I lack words to classify your love for me.
For without it, who is me?
Forever with you, is where I want to be…
Cleaving to you, no matter what the case may be.
Good Morning Sweetheart.

Good Morning Love Poems for My King

4. As Long as I Will Live
As long as I live, you will be the one I love
No circumstances will not change that fact.
You are like soothing rain sent from above,
And your love is concrete not abstract.
Good Morning, my armor.

5. I Will Show You the Best
Cute love I show you in an elegant manner
You and me forever, in my heart like a banner.
Your love to my life, like priceless sweetener,
And your care to my heart, like a refiner.
Good morning, my heart desire.

6. Like the Air
Your love is so sweet and so meant to be…
Sweet forever, but to be taken by me.
Like air to the body, so are you to me…
Loving you forever, sure a decree.
Good Morning.

Romantic Good Morning Poems to the King of My Heart

7. My Emotional Gym
I love you so much and I mean it
You are my one and only, baby believe it
Without you, I don’t need a heartbeat,
For it’s your love that keeps my heart fit.
Wishing you good morning.

8. I Can’t Verbalize the Feeling
Your love brings more than harmony,
Having you is more than having money.
You are my joy, every noon, night and morning…
The way this makes me feel, it’s not funny.
Good morning, have a great day ahead.

9. Total Submission
To you I bow, my lord and my king.
To your love and care, forever I cling.
Chorus of bliss, forever with you I sing…
Joy everlasting to your soul, I’ll bring.
Have a great day ahead. I love you.

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